• Tatiana Botton is a photographer who is a sly criminal, or she isn`t?

Who Is Tatiana Botton – an Honest Photographer or a Scammer?

Tatiana is one of those people who are surrounded by gossips. There are even some scandals which relate to her. And another question is if she is so talented indeed. If not, where does she get money from? At the same time, it is not hard to make a good person look like a bad one. This is how social media acts these days. So, let`s try to understand who this Tatiana Botton is. In this review, we will also try to understand whether she is a scammer or not.

Her full name is Tatiana Sylvana Dora Botton. She happens to be an investor and the founder of Utopia 3000 which is the developer company. At the same time, Tatiana is the main shareholder of Pinnacle Europe Management S.à r.l. and Pinnacle Europe S.C.A. But this is not all she is engaged with. She is also the owner of a non-profit organization the Happy Dog and the director of Fita Investments LLC which happens to be private equity company.

Early Years and Career

She was born March 2, 1972, in New York. Despite that, Tatiana was raised in Barcelona, Spain. Before she got into photography, she studied philosophy in Montpellier. Botton also studied filmmaking and American literature in Barcelona, Spain. After that, she moved to Los Angeles and was engaged with journalism studies at the University of California.

Who Is Tatiana Botton

In 1995-1996, Tatiana was writing articles for the daily newspaper The Daily Bruin, and this is when she discovered photography. Shutter speeds, the infinite possibilities of f-stops and film emulsion were just too seducing for her. Botton said that she just had fallen in love with catching the “moment”. The thing is that making individuals look beautiful was an easy thing to do for her, but it is was a real challenge for her to capture the “essence”. Several years ago, after much resistance, she started taking digital pictures which were instant infatuation. It needs to be mentioned that Tatiana`s specialization is portrait photography shooting for publications in the USA and Europe. Her works can be seen in such magazines as GQ, Vogue, People En Español and The London Telegraph. In addition to that, Botton has performed advertising campaigns for the famous Merck Pharmaceutical.

The latest works are presented as panoramic landscapes and far away destinations like the Namibian desert and Antarctica. She has managed to combine her love for landscape photography, travel and philosophy in the images of unstable and fluctuating ice sculptures and dunes.

Tatiana was so in love with photography that she registered the Tatiana trademark. It was in the field of commercial photography. Strangely enough, the registration got cancelled in 2007. Four years later, Botton registered TM “Wip Flesh” in the field of exhibitions and photography. This one was cancelled in 2012.

In 2001 from January to October, Tatiana was the director of Acceptum SL, a Spanish company, together with Maurizio Botton. It did not last long, though, as it was cancelled the same year.

In May 2007, Tatiana Botton was listed in an investment company report Goldman Sachs Trust as a 6.11per cent holder of Class A shares in the California Intermediate Amt-free Municipal Fund.

Botton`s Personal Life

This woman happens to be an openly practicing lesbian. Tatiana is in a relationship with Lauren McCollum. They both seem to be active women doing lots of things. They rent residential property in Span and the USA. Lauren and Tatiana support LGBT charitable organizations and promote animal welfare projects.

Tatiana`s Current Activity

Renting the residential property with Lauren McCollum, Tatiana is independently engaged in design. When she was looking for a home, Botton wanted something that could do it all. The place must be a refuge from the outside world and a place which is perfect for entertaining yet offering some workspace. Together with Charles Ward, Los Angeles-based architectural designer, they worked to build a residence in Santa Monica, California. As a result, the house which was finished in 2004 is just outstanding. The house showcases the skill of the designer to combine simple lines, fortress-like walls and industrial materials. It is so unusual that even many Hollywood stars loved it. The thing is that the garage has been designed as a photography studio and Botton shoots celebrities in the patio and the house.

Tatyana learned what wealth is during her childhood which is not surprising because she is the daughter of Mauricio Botton, a millionaire and grandson of Isaac Carasoo who was the founder of Danone Corporation. That is why one should not wonder that she owns real estate as well.

For 2019, Tatiana obtains the following real estate:

  • 806 6th Street LLC which was incorporated in 2013 at 225 Georgina Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90402. The approximate value happens to be nine million dollars.
  • 613 Rose Ave, LLC. This one was bought in October 2012. She paid 1.95 million dollars.
  • 919 Broadway Art Space, LLC which is a gallery the value of which makes up three million dollars.
  • 33 Nalu Place, Paia, HI 96779. This one is a residential property near the ocean in Hawaii. In November 2019, Tatiana asked for permission from the local council to rent a property. She received it even though she was not a resident.

In 2000, Lauren launched Utopia 3000, LLC which happens to be a real estate developing company. In 2017, they used the name of the company for a club of art lovers. It opposes racism, sexism and aggressive behaviour. Another requirement is that 50 per cent of curators and artists should be women. The feminist project Femdex happens to be a partner of Utopia 3000.

Tatiana is also registered as a private entrepreneur in Barcelona, Spain, so she is engaged in renting real estate. In December 2014, there were two legal entities that got registered in Luxembourg –Pinnacle Europe Management S.a r.l and Pinnacle Europe S.C.A. Initially, Tatiana owned 70 per cent of the shares.

In July 2016, she registered another project which is the NGO the Happy Dog Project. The aim of the project happens to be the dogs` protection and social welfare.

In March 2019, the woman was listed as the director of a private equity fund – Fita Investments LLC.

Is Botton a Sly Criminal?

There are some reasons why people believe that Tatiana does some things which are against the law. Luxury real estate rentals happen to be very expensive. The thing is rental rates for custom-designed properties are to possible to assess because art has no price. Hence, it is possible to inflate rental prices and there will be no unnecessary questions from tax authorities. It is not hard to find clients when you have so many rich relatives and acquaintances.

Moreover, it is very strange that Tatiana got registered two legal entities, Pinnacle Europe Management S.a r.l and Pinnacle Europe S.C.A., in Luxembourg which is well-known offshore in Europe. When putting these two facts together, you get a rather simple and elegant scheme for tax evasion and legalizing income. The “customer” pays the so-called “rent” every month that can be much higher than the real rate on the market. the money goes to the bank accounts of McCollum and Botton. After some banking transactions, the funds get to the accounts of offshore companies. It is the owners of the expensive real estate and the rich “customers” know where the funds eventually go.

At the same time, this is not the first fraud in which Lauren and Tatiana were implicated. Before that, the women were involved in the scandalous resurrection of the Santa Monica Municipal Airport. Thanks to the complaints of the residents about air crashes and noise and the negative impact on the environment, authorities were going to close this airport. This was to be done when the agreement with federal authorities was to expire.

However, in March 2014, there was a petition filed by McCollum, who tried to become a Santa Monica Municipal Airport Commission member, Flora Yin a lawyer and actor Nikos Kokotakis. They wanted the airport to keep operating and gathered 15,000 signatures.

There was an investigation carried out by the Community Against Santa Monica Airport Traffic. They found that the Pilots Association and Aircraft owners invested 36,000 dollars with the help of Reed&Davidson LLP to encourage signature collectors to pay two dollars for one signature. The payment grew to four dollars, though, when the deadline approached.

They claim that McCollum and Botton happen to be classic middle-class swindlers. They could live comfortably, but they developed dubious schemes to increase their money quickly. despite that, they lead a socially active lifestyle.

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Tatiana Botton is claimed to be a scammer because of several big scandals. Another reason for such rumours is that she has managed to earn a lot of money rather quickly. At the same time, these rumours must be true, because some of her actions are suspicious indeed.

Everybody knows that she states that it is necessary to live life to the fullest and make money. She also says that it does not matter much what you do, the most important thing is not to go to jail. Apparently, this is how Tatiana and Lauren see the “American dream”.

We believe that US tax officials will pay their attention to this suspicious couple because even journalists have already noticed strange activities. If they do, the happy life of these two swindlers should end going to jail.